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Ms. Top of the World
Plus Size Surinam 2019


“Beauty will save the World”


Picture: Ivan Varshavsky

Ms. Top Of The World
Plus Size Surinam 2019

The Ms Top of the World Plus Size election will be held for the 5th year in the beginning of November 2019. Participants from around 40 countries will show the world that beauty is more than just being ‘beautiful’ or having a certain ‘size’. They are a living example that the natural beauty of a woman is in the inside, in her attitude towards life, appearance, personality, the presentation of herself and the passion with which she represents the things she does.

The Plus Size beauties, who will be staying in Kiev (Ukraine) in the period 5 to 10 November 2019, are a source of inspiration and will show that if you are beautiful on the inside and feel good about yourself, this also radiates on the outside. These beauties make the world more beautiful or – to use the slogan of Ms Top of the World Plus Size – “Beauty will save the World”. For more information click here

Ms Evita agenda


Apart from her work as Miss Top of the World Plus Size Suriname 2019, Evita is also a singer and an artist. Therefore, you are referred to the general agenda, in order to be able to also see her other activities and possibly visit them

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Participating in an election at this level is a costly affair. All support is therefore very welcome. Small amounts are as welcome as larger sponsoring amounts. There are special packages for amounts from 250 euros. In case you want to sponsor from your company, please contact us. We can then send you all information about the sponsor packages. Thank you in advance!

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