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Written by team Evita   Date:  22 june 2019


Make-up Studio was founded in Amsterdam in the 1980s by make-up artist Wil van ‘t Hek. While giving lessons, courses and workshops Van ’t Hek, who was specialized among other things in make-up, noticed, that he could use the knowledge and experience gained in theatre and TV to make-up people. Van’t Hek then also became aware of the fact that there was a lack of quality make-up products. Initially he started with the assignment for the production of matt eyeshadow with deep colour pigmentation, which could also be used wet. The success of the eye shadow led to the “birth of the PH Make-up Studio” label.

Due to the high quality of the make-up products, more and more make-up artists and schools started using the make-up products of Make-up Studio. After the eye shadows, foundations, lipsticks, blushes and powders also hit the market. Make-Up Studio grew into an international company with branches in more than 70 countries with a large innovative and high-quality range of make-up products, including 200 eye shadow colours, 150 nail polish colours, 140 lip colours, 40 blushes, and more than 100 foundation colours. In addition to the make-up, there are also face and skin care products and bath and body products.

Nowadays, leading make-up artists use Make-up Studio products to equalize, blush and shape models for international fashion shows, style icons, DJs and TV personalities.

I am happy with the products of Make-up Studio. Thanks to the top quality of the make-up and a top make-up artist, I always look great, my mascara does not run out, my make-up stays visibly longer and better, especially during performances where the temperature on stage is sometimes high. Moreover, the make-up products are affordable.

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Make-up Studio Store Professional Make-up

Address: Rozengracht 101-103; 1016 LV Amsterdam

Phone: +31 (0)20 6221267




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